Kryptiska Parelli Connect-uppdateringar

Så här såg dagens anteckning på Lilys sida på Connect ut. Det är främst för min egen skull  så kan du förstå vad jag skriver? :)

Tina Kolhammar with Lily,

Progress Entry: Thu 15 Aug 2013
Online Level 3
60 minutes
FreeStyle Level 2
45 minutes
Warm up for riding, saddling. Walk, trot and canter, figure of eight. I saw RBI, Kristi saw exuberance in the CODs. As she taught me this morning – feedback can look very similar from an LBE and an RBI and that is Lily’s diagonal. Anyways, she said to not just ask for the CODs if one would want to extinguish the behavior to often. I must say I love her exuberance, she is not half of Glimra anyway ;). One rein riding as a means of colt starting. Lily and I struggled a little on the direction but she relaxed in the end. I love the learning opportunities!