Making A Shift

ExternsDenna text skrev jag under mitt extenship och den publicerades i min kompis Crysthal Averas blogg på Parelli Central:

I believe that shifts are not always the big things or that shifts are always due to a crisis. I believe that the shift is composed of the everyday choices that we make that allows us to follow our hearts. I have been given some great advice and wisdoms along my path:

One was when I was testing to be recruited into the Swedish Army to be an Arabic-Swedish interpreter. I did great in the tests but when I came to the therapist for my interview, she said, “Why do you want to do this? Do not do it only because it is possible.”

That statement – along with the words of a former Israeli soldier, now working passionately for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinian – has kept me on my heart’s track. The soldier and I were guarding and helping in a Palestinian home threatened by violent settlers and we came to discuss faith. I asked the soldier why he, having been brought up in a secular family, now was a practicing Orthodox Jew. As most great teachers do, he answered my question with a question. He asked why I came from Sweden to work for peace in Palestine and Israel. I gave numerous answers, but in the end, we boiled it down to “Because I want to.”

“Because I want to” was also his reply to why he lived the life of an Orthodox Jew. “Because I want to” is a powerful statement. It helps us live OUR lives – not the lives we think is expected of us.

So, for me the shift came years before the externship, when I allowed myself to live a full life: a life in accordance with love and nature, a life with horses, who are nature in its finest form. I have had my setbacks – some even here at the campus. But a setback is just another chance to grow and to eventually be even more blessed in life.

Where does the “want” come from? I don’t know, but I believe that the answer is that we want what is already our destiny.

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