Lessons & Friendship at the Parelli Fast Track

För någon månad beslutade mina kurskamrater på Fast Tracken och jag att vi skulle göra något tillsammans för att uppmärksamma vår gemesamma erfarenhet i Colorado. Här är resultatet som Kristin, som är gästbloggare på Parelli Central, sammanställt. Kolla också in där för att se bloggen.

As we celebrate the holiday season and wrap up another year, it’s a natural time to reflect and be grateful. So, several of us from Fast Track #4 thought we’d put down our thoughts and feelings. To share our experiences and thank our instructors for their inspiration and help on our journey to become the best humans we can be. Here are our thoughts and thanks, expressed in our own words.

“For myself, Fast Track wasn’t just about improving my horsemanship, although it did that too. I went into the experience not knowing truly what to expect, and, I came out a totally different person, woman, mother, wife and friend. What I learned was leadership and confidence in myself. To stand strong and believe in what and who I am. Thank you to Kristi and her team of instructors that truly showed me what it means to be a part of the Parelli culture. I am thankful to be a part of the Parelli family and thankful for my Fast Track family! I am still learning and growing each day, finding new strengths. The Parelli Ranch is such an inspirational place! I’ll be back next summer for more!” Kristin Schmidt

“I met some wonderful new friends, insightful instructors and rekindled relationships with old friends. Kristi and her team of most excellent coaches showed me ways of expanding my horsemanship so that I can succeed in Level 4, and, achieve my goals.” Robin Slade Lindsey

“I loved their help so much in my horsemanship journey, and I love my friends too. Everything came together in a special way for us last summer! The stars aligned!” Lisa Gray

“The Parelli campus is such a special place. The beautiful view, welcoming staff and excitement felt from every direction! Even when my Left-Brain Introvert turned right-brain, someone was always there to help me through. The feeling of family penetrated through our group, and we made lifelong friends. I was impressed with the level of hands-on training and support we were given by the instructors. Progressing so much in your horsemanship, in such a short time. Living a dream with like-minded people. It was pure heaven! I liked it so much, I stayed on for a second month!” Jewel Cousins

“For me, the Fast Track experience during the summer of 2011 was life-changing. I had made up my mind to enjoy every moment and open my eyes, ears and heart to learning all that I could. And I did! What surprised me was how much I learned about myself – what I liked about myself and what I wanted to change. After learning a valuable lesson in not going sideways and practicing it each and every day, I am amazed at how cleansed I feel. It was like going through a personality, character, whole body and life detox. I made amazing horsemanship progress too. I would like to thank everyone – instructors, fellow fast trackers, admin staff and everyone that had a hand in my development, even the horses, dogs, cattle, deer and turkeys. God bless you all!” Debbie Riley

“Just a quick note to our instructors from the July 2011 Fast Track. I wanted to let you know that your instruction had, and continues to have, a profound impact on my horsemanship skills, and life skills. You have set me up for success as I have run into many opportunities the past few months to break things down into their elements, then get the elements with excellence.” Tom Pompei

“The July 2011 Fast Track was phenomenal in every way! Instruction and coaching exceeded all I dreamed it could be, including residuals from which I continue to benefit. Everyday was a tsunami of blessings coming from all corners and cultures of the world. What an extraordinary experience, and I thank you all!” Sue Ellen Haning

“I didn’t really know how much impact the course would have on me. From the day we arrived to the day we said goodbye, there was not a moment that I thought this wasn’t where I was supposed to be (okay, except for those 3 days of testing in the beginning!). I was in heaven! My friends and family, after looking at the pictures I posted, say that I’ve never looked happier! And, although I’m a pretty happy person, they’re right! I was in my element! The friends that were made, the days spent in the beginning, wondering if I was really good enough to be there, the growth Chrome and I made in such a short time, made me realize that this is a life lesson, not just a horse lesson. Some folks would rather go to Jamaica, but I’d like to spend another summer with my pony, instructors and students from Fast Track #4! Love and miss you guys!” Jen Bell

“There really is no way to explain how much that month changed my life. It allowed me to deeply examine my journey with my horse and what it’s going to take for me to become a natural horseman. The bonus I didn’t expect: all my new, supportive friends from all over the globe that keep in touch and share their journeys with each other. I love reading about everyone’s successes with their horses on a regular basis.” Wendy Corr

“In July 2011, Christina and I came to the Fast Track. First, a culture clash! 60 Americans and so many instructors. Did it make sense to the introverted couple from Germany? Yes, it did! We are Parelli and we are proud to be a part of this great family! Thanks to all we met and a big hug to all of you!” Stephan Neu

“Community, being part of something extraordinary, experiencing support, feeling respected and liked, and living a dream together. Thank you for sharing this with me! This is what the course meant to me.” Dagmar Oldenwald

“After I won a prize for being the best student in my college in the Netherlands, I got the chance to go to the Parelli University! On the long trip from the Netherlands to Colorado, I was thinking about what I wanted to learn. I knew I wanted to understand the message that the Parelli program shares. The major lessons I learned were to be thankful, don’t go sideways, get excited about making mistakes. Most importantly, don’t put energy into someone that is going the opposite direction. An experience of my lifetime! Thanks to all the students, instructors and my lease horse Petina!” Anouk Dahrs

“I came to the Fast Track worried that a group of 60 people would be a crowd. How wrong I was! With the help of Kristi Smith and her fellow instructors we all grew into a family. Being part of this family of over 70 people is one of my biggest highlights from the course. The love, support, encouragement and smiles we shared live with me to this day. I look forward to continue sharing this horsemanship and life journey with you all.” Tina Kolhammar

“Simply put, of all the things I’ve done in my 57 years, my time at the Parelli campus for Fast Track 4 stands out as the most life-changing. The feelings of belonging, friendship and love overwhelmed me, having never experienced these things with such intensity. There was a tangible feeling of us as opposed to me. All those who took part in the course had their part to play, however, the leadership of the brilliant instructors contributed to all of our successes. Everyone who took part proved the message that We Are Parelli.” Brian J Ousby

So, from all 61 of us, we thank Kristi and all of our instructors for your inspiration, knowledge, attitude, loyalty, dedication and ability. We have grown, changed and learned, not only in our horsemanship, but, also in our personal lives. For those who are thinking about taking this course, stop thinking and do it! It is truly a life changing and life improving course!